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Livemocha closed permanently on April 22, ! After a decade and millions of members, this vibrant community of language learners has simply been discarded! We think you deserve better! Are you ready for a new community? Yes . Contact Us © Copyright Considerate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Livemocha was an online language learning community, providing instructional materials in 38 languages and a platform for speakers to interact with and help each other learn new languages. According to the site, it had approximately 12 million registered members from countries around the globe. It was free to join. Livemocha closed permanently on April 22, but a new Livemocha alternative for language exchange is growing rapidly. Join the conversation!.

Oh man I definitely miss the old LiveMocha, where it was a social media platform as well as a language learning community and then RosettaStone destroyed it. That was like in when I heavily used LiveMocha. I guess RosettaStone is trying to save their brand, I cracked and bought Rosetta in and it was the worst. Livemocha is an 'online language community' - 'Learn, teach, explore' by being connected to native speakers of the languages you are interested in trying get the best value out of the free version you need to provide more corrections as a native speaker. The more you give, the more you get. Livemocha, Inc. is the world's largest language learning community, combining online instructional content with a global community of language learners. Livemocha offers languages learning programs in over 35 languages. The company was incorporated in and is based in Seattle, Washington.

24 Mar After competing against Rosetta Stone, criticizing the rival, and then being acquired by it almost three years ago, the online language community Livemocha is saying its last goodbyes. In an e-mail this week to Livemocha community members, Rosetta Stone and Livemocha announced that the. Summary. Live Mocha is a cool and hip way to learn languages socially and interactively online. It has a blooming user base, nice set of tools and smooth look and feel. You'll find free self-study lessons to build your skills and confidence . Then you can test yourself and connect with friends and meet folks online to practice. Livemocha is the world's largest online language learning community, offering free and paid online language courses in 35 languages to more than 10 million members from countries around the world. Global interest in language learning is exploding. Trade, immigration and travel are conducted across countries and.


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