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You can use VMware vSphere as a platform for running applications, in addition to using it as a platform for running virtual machines. The applications can be packaged to run directly on top of VMware vSphere. The format of how the applications are packaged and managed is called VMware® vApp. A vApp is a container. A vApp packages applications with their required operating systems. A vApp allows disparate virtual machines to work together in a stack as an application, and supports cloud-computing architectures. You can nest vApps within vApps, set up VMware resource pools, and deploy new vApps based on existing ones. VMware. A VMware vApp is a collection of pre-configured virtual machines (VMs) that combine applications with the operating systems that they require. VMware vApps operate on the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) standard and vApps are exported in OVF format. VMware vApp meta data resides.

9 Feb In this article you will find out how to setup VMware vAPP in vCenter Server; learn about their use, how to create them, and how to configure them. 28 Jun I believe that once you learn more about vApps, you'll see that they offer amazing portability and power which you'll want to use in your VMware infrastructure. In the past, I have created a couple of videos on vApps. They are Great New vApp / OVF Features in vSphere 4 and What are VMware vApps?. 12 Sep Learn more about using VMware vApp, including common use cases and how to create your first VMware vApp group.

16 Oct VMware vSphere is a very flexible platform, making you able to manage a group of virtual machines and resource pools in a single entity named vApp. Let's think about a web application running on a VM. The application also needs a database and other resources running on differente virtual machines. This article explains how to create a vApp in vSphere.


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