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iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL and iRedAdmin-Pro-PGSQL were merged into one edition: iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL. Below are changelog of old iRedAdmin-Pro- PGSQL editions. Contact our European or Asian office to get pro forma invoice and/or final invoice. SQL edition works with MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. LDAP edition works with OpenLDAP, OpenBSD ldapd(8), NOT Microsoft Active Directory. Note: Tech support for iRedMail server is not included in iRedAdmin-Pro license. Dear all,. iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL (a.k.a. iRedAdmin-Pro for MySQL and MariaDB backends) is now available for your upgrading and purchasing. This is a bugfix release. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please upgrade iRedMail to the latest iRedMail before upgrading iRedAdmin-Pro. Upgrade tutorial is.

Apr 30, Import accounts from CSV file. Original issue reported on by michaelb @ on 5 Aug at @GoogleCodeExporter GoogleCodeExporter added auto-migrated iRedAdmin-Pro-LDAP iRedAdmin- Pro-MySQL labels on Apr 30, Sign up for free to join this conversation. May 29, tar xjf /root/2 -C /usr/share/apache2/ cd /usr/ share/apache2/ cp iRedAdmin-Pro-MySQL/ iRedAdmin-Pro- MySQL/ rm -i iredadmin # iRedAdmin-Pro- MySQL iredadmin # <- Create new symbol link. chown -R. May 20, Hello, Am Mittwoch, 7. Mai schrieb Nguyen Trung Hieu: > There is a compare between PostfixAdmin and Iredmail > > > > It is a valuable comparision for PostfixAdmin improvement Well, the first thing that should improve is the.

iRedAdmin. iRedAdmin Open Source Edition is a web-based iRedMail admin panel, it allows you to add, remove and edit domains, users and domain admin accounts. If you need more features, please consider purchasing the Pro edition iRedAdmin-Pro. You can also manage all the features. Issues (1–6 of 6). component: "iRedAdmin-Pro (MySQL edition)". Title · T · P · Status · Votes · Assignee · Milestone · Created · Updated, Actions. # Disable domain not function · iRedAdmin-Pro (MySQL edition) · bug · major · invalid · iRedAdmin-Pro Next. # Arround emails are waiting in. Apr 18, As we touched on briefly in part one, iRedAdmin is the free back-end administrative console for iRedMail. It's designed to help you only with the basics of managing your mail server. A more feature-rich premium version, iRedAdmin- Pro, is available from the iRedMail team. You don't need to upgrade and.


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