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I07 error

5 Sep I get the following error message at least once a month. Then the only thing that helps is to pull the power cord and reboot. IO The decoder is checking the smartcard and current viewing status. Please wait. What can I do to stop this from happening? Why can't my status not be checked in headquarters. Troubleshooting MyStar error E - please check your smartcard. This message will appear when a new box has been installed but is not active. Please contact us to activate your service or to help troubleshoot. the entire planet earth is trying to download the same thing at the same time. give it some time.

I07 - 4 Checking smartcard. Scenarios. Randomly appears on screen. How it gets resolved. 1. By refresh. If any further problem persists please call our customer care centre on the following numbers: Customer Care Numbers: To know Account Balance/Recharge due and. Customer Id/please dial Listing 2, Listing 3 · Listing 4 · jultar. Listing 2: LOGIN FAILURES attempt sendmail connection from bad port su: SECURITY ALERT failed. 13 Jan The IBM Support Center needs to know the PTF level of any module reported to them as being in error. USERS LOCN TYP ATTRIBUTE R/A MODE APE ADDRESS DFHCSA DFHCSAOF I I 07/09 1 1 CDSA RPL RESIDENT 24 24 _40A01D88 DFHCSA.

23 Jul CellDevDet +I 07/23 18F8: FrameworkCDD:: IsCellularDeviceAdded CellDevDet +I 07/23 18F8: ==> OptionCDD ::IsCellularDevice.


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