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Far North is an independently produced film by director Asif Kapadia, based on a short story by Sara Maitland. It was screened at various film festivals in and before an American DVD release on 23 September Plot[edit]. The film opens up with a voiceover of a woman named Saiva telling the listener that a . Crime · A soldier's unexpected arrival affects two women's simple existence. Michelle Krusiec in Far North () Michelle Yeoh in Far North () Far North () Sean Bean in Far North () Michelle Yeoh in Far North () Sean Bean and Michelle .. This film truly is Far North of anything you've seen before. Drama · After generations of being apart, an accident brings a family back together and they begin to cope with their original issues. Photos. Far North ( ) Charles Durning in Far North () Far North () .. One of five cinema movie collaborations [to date, June ] of actors Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange.

25 Nov Not only can he make all of his own mistakes, but he does, and now he must decide for himself if it was really more satisfying. "Far North" is a disorganized, undisciplined, rambling, pointless exercise in undigested material, and you can't blame the actors, the technicians or the middle men. This movie fails. 23 Sep Based on the book 'True North', this eerie movie revolves around three characters. Disturbing in parts, it tries to be an effective psychological thriller, but it failed at every level as far as I'm concerned. Except for the beautiful scenery. Yet, give it a go; it might be your cup of tea (my taste is not quite usual). An original film that is a true case of 'silence says more'. With minimal dialogue, Asif Kapadia creates character through actions and cinematography (which by itself is stunning). Although it sets itself up as a powerful drama, Far North ends up a disturbing tragedy, with an unforgettable, unexpected finale.?irin T. July 21 .

A visually dazzling movie shot in a starkly beautiful corner of the planet, Far North uses the lonely exotica of its backdrop as a huge metaphor for the absence of human relationships and the madness such isolation engenders. The small cast is terrific, with Yeoh typically expressing volumes of passion behind the greatest. 27 Nov Read the Empire review of Far North. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination.


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